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Corporate export risks

Identify, assess — avoid, limit

The greatest risk is the risk that is not recognised or is ignored!


Risk management is a simple necessity. To ignor it will sooner or later spell the end of a commercial activity. Excessive risk management, on the other hand, can have the same effect.

The aim of corporate risk management must be to control risks as far as necessary, therefore maintaining all chances of a maximised income and profit!


Risks - the process

An appropriate handling of contract risks, also in exporting, is the mark of the solid business.

Risk management is a company-specific task, it is organised and practiced differently in each individual enterprise. Variations depend on the product marketed, the individual project, the individual customer, the individual importing country.

The Risk Management Process 
The steps to an effektive export risk management

Checklists Export Risks

Check lists help you to gain security in the identification of risks, give hints on how to avoid, to limit, to insure or maybe also to carry them. The greatest risks and possibly costs are the unidentified or ignored risks.

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Checklist export contract risks
What a balanced contract should contain.

Checklist Letter of Credit
How to keep L/C payment conditions under control.

Checklist presentation of documents under Letter of Credit
The meticulous preparation, the solid establishment and presentation of documents under L/C will lead to the successful business

Risk management within the export contract - the individual contract article

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We are at your disposal for the specific case, examine individual contracts, contract conditions, propose or assist with the wording.
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Offers / contracts generally
The fundamentals to consider first and foremost.

Payment conditions
Examples of various payment conditions, hints.

Payment securities
What you should know about them.

Prices / Foreign exchange / INCOTEMRS
Firm or sliding prices, offers/orders in foreign exchange, price adjustment clause, the INCOTERMS – examples and tips.

Contract schedules
The risk potential of schedules not being meticulously stated is substantial – examples and notes.

Warranty - warranty periods applicable from 01.01.2013
New articles CoO (Codice delle obbligazioni) 210 and 371 (in Italian) - Examples of contract articles, view on the risks.

Contract liability
What to make certain of, examples.

Contract penalties
Dangers, benefits – examples.

Force Majeure
Notes and examples.

Jurisdiction / Law / Arbitration
The choice of the law, the place, the choice of court of law or arbitration – examples and tips.

Other contract conditions
Notes and examples of many other contract articles less common.

Full contracts, agreements - for your download

For examples and notes in French or German please go to the respective page.

General Conditions
Notes and example.

Supply Contract (comprehensive)
Example, notes and remarks.

Letter of Intent
Points to watch, example.

Contract resolution
Dangers and benefits, example.

Other contracts / agreements
Trial delivery or supply, hire resp. hire/purchase agreement, engineering/project studies, installation resp. installation supervision, letter of intent, agency, frame supply contract, licence, general contract/consortium.

Term Sheet / Financing
Simple form of financing proposal, example

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