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Export basics

Know-how, practice


Customs tariff Tares
Swiss working tariff (in Italian) (in English)
Request for Tariff information by email

Registered Exporter (REX)

List of participating countries and applicable proofs of origin within the framework of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), updated 16.06.2020.

Elenco dei paesi partecipanti e delle prove d’origine applicabili nel quadro del sistema di preferenze generalizzate (SPG/GSP), atualizzato 16.06.2020.

Istruzioni concernenti il rilascio e l'impiego di prove dell'origine (Instructions for the issuance and use of proofs of origin)

Fact Sheet - Utilizzo della nuova dichiarazione d’origine (Statement on Origin, SoO) nel traffico preferenziale di beni con Paesi in sviluppo.

Goods control ordinance / List revision / Security ammendment

Sanctions / Embargos  -  Sanzioni / Embarghi

Free Trade Agreements / Information proof of origin / Safekeeping of certificates of origin /  Pan-european accumulation, etc  -  an overview

Financial export basics, information

Banking / SERV

Payment by Letter of Credit (Letter of Credit checklist) // Banking fees for international transactions (indicative) // The draft as a security // Overview of the SERV possibilities


Checklist for the presentation of documents under a Letter of Credit
pdf, 240,7K, 05/22/15, 74 downloads


Form requirement of drafts
pdf, 143,2K, 02/20/12, 45 downloads


Banking costs you may have to calculate with
pdf, 72,2K, 02/20/12, 41 downloads


SERV basic information
pdf, 75,1K, 02/20/12, 41 downloads

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