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The exporter's global tool

The Gateway for the Swiss and Liechtenstein exporter


Specialist information: Export documentation, documentary rules of the importing countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe; hands-on export assistance and services, basic information.






Country information

  • General information, such as public holidays, commercial language, time zone, electric currents, weights and measures systems, customs ports.
  • Documentary requirements and prescriptions, like proforma invoice, requirements of the commercial invoice, certificate of origin, EUR1, legalisation, packing list, Bill of Lading, inspection, others.
  • Prescriptions and recommendations to packing, marking, transport insurance, customs handling of samples, foreign exchange controls.
  • Specific product/logistics/transport information, insurance rates, bi- and multilateral relations, useful contacts, links to travel information and costs.
  • Indications to international financial operations, such as L/C confirmation, leading banks in the importing country, proposed payment conditions, general financial information, SERV cover policy.


Export Tools


Corporate export risks

  • Risk - the process - how to handle risks
  • Check lists export risks - to be considered
  • Risk Management within the export contract - individual contract articles, entire contract examples, special agreements

Consulting, coaching, training

  • Hands-on, individual export consulting, Helpdesk
  • Build-up of in-house export competences - covering subjects of the contract risk management process, payment conditions and securities - a basis for internal courses and training

Export basics

  • Logistics - INCOTERMS®, Tares, Goods control ordinance, FTA

  • Financial export basics - ECA, banking information, tools

Export assistance

  • Public, national and international support - contacts and Links


Export services

  • Service providers - in the fields of logistics, customs handling, chambers of commerce, insurance, payments, international financial information
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