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General Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions carefully. The use of the services provided by www.exportupdate.com constitutes your acceptance and adherence to them.

1. General

These terms and conditions are part of the subscription agreement between WR risk management GmbH ("WRrm") and the client named in the subscription form ("the subscriber") and regulates the provision of the services by www.exportupdate.com.

2. The services

2.1 WRrm warrants the provision of a best-possible access to the data contained on its Internet page. It excludes however any liability for any hindrances or interruptions due to software or hardware problems of the server, problems with any communication installations, faulty technical equipment and programs of WRrm, the subscriber or third parties, etc.

2.2 Changes or adjustments to the Internet page are as far as possible carried out without interrupting the services to the subscriber. However, WRrm retains the right to change or adjust the services provided any time.

3. Price and fee structure

3.1 Subscription fees
Export enterprises, logistics and transport companies, export organisations (Chambers of Commerce, others)

CHF 40.00/month (p.a. CHF 480.00) per division or company or organisation - minimal subscription period 12 months (plus VAT)
In case of a subscription covering various divisions, group enterprises or regional representations the subscription prices are individually agreed.

Enterprises or organisations that offer proof of a membership of a chamber of commerce in Switzerland will pay reduced subscription cost of CHF30.00/month (plus VAT). Please enter proof of membership, number, etc., in the «Notes» field of the subscription form.


The subscriptions fees applicable to other physical persons or legal entities may be  individually agreed. Non-profit organisations, recognised in Switzerland, may subscribe free of charge.
From time to time WRrm may offer test subscriptions to the site. The test periods or special offers from time to time and their conditions are communicated specifically.

On request of subscribers a link may be installed on www.exportupdate.com to their home page, it may be offered free of charge. WRrm is to be duly informed of any changes to the link address.

3.2 Consulting, coaching
The hourly rate or a global price is agreed in the individual case, plus expenses and VAT if applicable.

3.3 Price adjustments
WRrm reserves the right to adjust the prices any time without advance notice.

4. Payment conditions

Any amounts invoiced, plus VAT where applicable, is payable without any deductions within 30 days net from invoice date.

5. The Subscription

Subscriptions for the services of www.exportupdate.com are concluded between individual companies resp. business units, export organisations, others and WRrm. The minimal subscription period is 12 months.

WRrm is free to refuse any application for subscription respectively may cancel subscriptions any time. In the latter case pro rata subscription amounts are refunded, except where par. 9 Cancellation of Subscription becomes applicable.

With the subscription, the release by WRrm and the payment of the subscription amount the subscriber gains unrestricted access to all services provided by www.exportudate.com. The period of subscription starts with the date of release communicated by WRrm.

The first registration is the initial registration and establishes the subscription. Any number of additional subscribers employed by the subscriber may register as users within the initial subscription, at no additional cost. In order to register under an existing subscription the subscription form is filled in with a reference to the original subscription and is sent to WRrm. The period of subscription of any subsequent registrations is that of the initial registration.

The information received with a subscription to www.exportupdate.com is confidential. Its use outside the direct contact with subscribers to the site or the Newsletter is excluded.


6. The Newsletter

The Newsletter, usually distributed once a month to the registered beneficiary, is free of charge. WRrm reserves the right to refuse an individual or general registration, respectively to partially or totally cease the distribution of the Newsletter.

The information received with a subscription to the Newsletter is confidentially. Its use outside a direct contact with Newsletter subscribers is excluded.

7. User license

With the subscription and the payment of the subscription amount the subscriber obtains a non-exclusive license for the use of the data provided by the Internet page. The subscriber acknowledges the property rights of WRrm to the Internet page, the database and its contents and agrees to their use in accordance with the activities of his company, division or organisation. He ensures that no third persons or companies or organisations gain unregistered access to the services.

8. Warranty

WRrm warrants that the software used for the provision of the services does not infringe on any licences held by third parties. WRrm does not warrant for the contents of the Internet page, that the information, the data, the results, etc. are at all times and absolutely updated, hold true or are applicable for any pre-determined purpose.

9. Limitation of liability

9.1 Liability due to any pre-meditated act or gross misconduct by WRrm or its representatives in the provision of the services is limited to the subscription amount paid.

9.2 WRrm is not liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from or which may result from the use of the services by the subscriber.

9.3 The internet page contains links to external internet pages. WRrm has no control over them and does not accept any liability for their contents or the connection to them.

10. Cancellation of subscription

WRrm retains the right to cancel any subscription without notice if subscriber's payment is overdue or subscriber infringes or has infringed on any of the conditions of the subscription. A cancellation due to the aforementioned reasons does not entitle the subscriber to a proportional refund of the subscription amount.

A resolution of the subscription due to the subscriber ceasing his business activities permanently entitles the latter to a refund of the proportional subscription amount.

11. Concluding conditions

11.1 The subscriber shall neither assign, nor transfer, nor pass, nor sell his rights acquired with the subscription to any third party without the express written agreement of WRrm.

11.2 The completed registration form - received electronically or by other means - and the General Conditions, in force at the time of the conclusion of the subscription contract, are the base for the legal validity of the subscription.

11.3 These conditions are subject to the Swiss material law (OR), the place of jurisdiction is the legal domicile of WRrm.

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